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Drug use is common in any state, and Arkansas residents are not exempt from becoming addicted to drugs when they’re offered. Arkansas residents are prone to non-medical marijuana use. This means they spend their time addicted to this drug without a prescription to help treat underlying medical issues. It’s a highly addictive drug that’s illegal in the state without a medical marijuana prescription. What’s even more shocking is addicts aren’t always who you might think. They are commonly children as young as 12. According to national statistics, high school seniors in Arkansas are three times as likely as anyone else in the nation to use drugs.

While it might not come as much of a shock that Arkansas residents enjoy their marijuana, it does come as a shock to many how prevalent the use of methamphetamine is in the state. It’s easily trafficked into the state from Mexican drug cartels due to the locations of I-30 and 40. This transportation route is one of the most famous drug trafficking routes in the state, and it’s where people purchase their meth. With so many addicts living in Arkansas, it’s not uncommon for you or a loved one to suffer from a drug addiction. When this occurs, you want to know how you can overcome your addiction and work on creating a brighter future.

Which Drug Rehab is Right?

There is no right or wrong drug rehab center. What works for you might not work for someone else, which is why it’s recommended all addicts take their time in choosing the right location. You should look for a center that focuses heavily on your specific addiction. A drug rehab facility that specializes in treating patients with an addiction to cocaine might not be the best treatment center for someone who suffers from alcohol abuse.

If you suffer from a dual-diagnosis, you must find a drug rehab facility that also specializes in this. If you’re not sure what it means, speak to a doctor. Nearly half of all drug addicts suffer from this diagnosis as well as a secondary health issue such as depression, personality disorders, or another mental or emotional issue. If you live with a dual-diagnosis, you’ll want to find the best treatment plan for you, which is in a treatment facility that specializes in this type of rehab.

In-Patient or Out?

The other most commonly asked question people have when seeking addiction recovery in Arkansas is whether to choose an inpatient rehab center or one that allows them to stay home. The choice is yours, and it’s yours alone. It’s merely important you understand the difference. At an in-patient facility, you’re detoxed and kept out of the real world until your program ends. This leaves no room for temptation, and it leaves you with no access to drugs or alcohol. When you choose an out-patient program, you are home each night. This means you’re still around the people who trigger your addiction, you have access to drugs and alcohol, and someone to talk to isn’t right down the hall.

Your best solution is an in-patient treatment facility. It provides more successful recoveries than out-patient, but there is no rule stating you must choose one over the other. It’s up to you where you go and what you do, but be certain you’re choosing the best program for you.

Understanding Recovery

There isn’t a moment when you recover. As you go through treatment, you learn to recognize your triggers, recognize your emotions, and you learn coping mechanisms. These skills allow you to figure out how you’ll see help when you need it, avoid temptation when it occurs, and how you can make your own life easier when it comes to avoiding your substance of choice. Recovery doesn’t happen at any point. It’s forever. Every day from the date you stop using drugs or alcohol until the day you die is called recovery. You’re always a recovering addict, and you’re always in need of support.

Drug and alcohol abuse and rehab facilities in Arkansas are designed to help patients learn to stop using drugs and alcohol. These programs teach life skills, and they work with you to create a treatment plan. Find one that’s personal for you, and you’ll find you are more successful.