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The state of Florida is one of the top in the nation for residents seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Between the years 2009 to 2011, twice as many people checked themselves into rehab centers and out-patient groups found throughout the state. The most commonly abused drugs in Florida are prescription pain killers and heroin. Treatment centers are specifically designed to help people of all ages overcome their addiction in order to live a healthy and happy life. Some of these facilities even offer luxury living options to further aid in recovery.

Rehab Process

Most of the facilities found in Florida offer dual in-patient and out-patient treatment. In-patient treatment lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Grants given to the state of Florida by the Federal Government have been put towards treatment research and success, so it is rare for an individual who has gone to one of these centers to have to return.

If you have the option to choose the recovery process, you can decide between in-patient and out-patient treatment. For criminal offenders who are sanctioned to treatment, in-patient is often the only option available to them. With in-patient treatment, you will live within the facility for about three to six months. During that time, you will receive withdrawal therapy, counseling and be instructed to attend support group meetings. Out-patient is more difficult for heavy drug users because they only visit the facility once or twice a week and are in their routine living environment the rest of the time. Out-patient treatment often involves counseling and group therapy sessions, and it is ideal for drug users who can’t commit to in-patient due to family and job responsibilities.

When seeking drug treatment, you will need to compare different facilities found in the state of Florida to determine which one is the best fit for you. Some facilities may not take your health insurance, requiring you to pay the full amount of therapy during the process. This can get pretty expensive, as the average drug treatment facility charges $4,500 for full program fulfillment. Health insurance often covers the full cost of rehabilitation, so check with your provider to see which facilities take your coverage.

Facilities Found in Florida

Below are a list of the most popular drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida. Compare these facilities to determine the right option for you. Consider visiting the establishment to do a walk-through and to speak with recovery coordinators.

Amethyst Recovery

This facility is located in beautiful Port St. Lucie, FL and offers 30 to 90 day recovery programs. They specialize in a 12-step approach and tackle all drug-related addictions. They use faith-based and holistic strategies to help patients of all ages.

Rally Point

Rally Point is located in West Palm Beach, FL and offers therapies for both drug and alcohol addiction. Their 90-day schedule is based on holistic remedies coupled with the typical 12-step program that has worked for so many.

Transformations Treatment Center

The center is located in Delray Beach and specializes in both alcohol and drug addiction. They offer both in-patient and out-patient services to their residents.

Banyan Treatment Center and Recovery

This facility is solely specialized in drug addiction, offering medical and holistic therapies to overcome dependence. They are based in Pompano Beach and are open 24 hours a day for full-time treatment availability.

Court-Ordered Drug Treatment

Oftentimes, drug treatment is a direct compliance for a criminal offense. Offenders can have their jail times and fines reduced by seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. There are special courts in Florida that are known as “drug courts” that only see cases involving drug-related crimes. These courts are stringent with jail sentences and fines because they take a more realistic approach to recovery. After all, most offenders would not have participated in their crimes if they weren’t dealing with an addiction to drugs.

Prisons in and around Florida have in-treatment recovery programs geared to helping reduce sentences and provide inmates with a clean slate to work with upon release. These in-prison therapies have been found to be highly advantageous and effective, with many offenders never going back to prison after completing the recommended program.

Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult, but it will benefit your life tremendously and give you the chance to repair damaged relationships. It’s easy and quick to find a reputable treatment center in Florida as there are many available to you 24 hours a day all year round.