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Drug Addiction in Illinois

Two drugs have caused the most addiction problems in the state of Illinois. Crack cocaine and heroin are those drugs. For this reason, a number of treatment centers have cropped up around the state to help individuals who have been struggling with addiction.

These treatment centers can treat any type of addiction, but they most commonly treat addictions to crack cocaine and heroin because of their prevalence in the state. If you have been struggling with an addiction to crack cocaine or heroin in Illinois, a professional rehab center can help you get sober for life.

Rehab centers in this state and others around the nation welcome any type of addiction. It doesn’t matter how long you have been abusing drugs or what type of drugs you have been struggling with. It is important to get professional help in order to take back your life.

Abusive Substances in Illinois

In Illinois, nearly 34,000 residents entered a rehab program or took part in an addiction therapy service in 2013. Most of these individuals were struggling with addictions to crack cocaine or heroin.

Crack Cocaine Addiction in Illinois

Crack cocaine usually enters Illinois through Chicago. Colombian and Mexican drug cartels often traffic the drug through this large city, or it arrives via Lake Michigan, which is a major waterway that connects to the east coast.

This drug can become addictive after just one use. As the addiction begins to grow in an individual, more of the drug is required to achieve the same high, which makes this drug especially addictive and dangerous. Crack cocaine has its name because of the popping or cracking sound that it makes when it is being heated. Abusers of crack cocaine often heat the substance, which is usually in a mineral-like form and white in color, so that it can be injected.

The effects of using crack cocaine include feelings of hyperactivity, euphoria, excess confidence and talkativeness. Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are both extremely potent, which makes both of these drugs excessively dangerous. Fatal overdoses are not uncommon with these drugs. A fatal overdose can even occur when someone uses one of these drugs for the first time.

Heroin Addiction in Illinois

Heroin is just as addictive as crack cocaine. And like cocaine, heroin often enters through Lake Michigan or with drug traffickers through Chicago.

Unlike cocaine, heroin is an extremely addictive opiate. It also happens to be quite inexpensive, which makes it more pervasive in poor areas of Illinois. With that being said, it’s not rare for someone addicted to this drug to spend hundreds of dollars on their habit in just one day.

The drug is derived from the poppy plant, which grows natively in Asia and makes other serious opiate drugs such as morphine and codeine. Amazingly, 25 percent of those who abuse heroin will end up addicted to the drug.

Types of Addiction Recovery

If you know someone who has become addicted to heroin or crack cocaine or if you are struggling with this or any drug, professional help is the only way to go to fully recover, and there are a number of program types that you can choose from for care.

Recovery usually starts with a detox program. During this time, you are physically taken off your drugs of abuse. Once detox has finished, you’ll start the real work in therapy and counseling. Rehab programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the program type that you choose.

Finding a Program

Are you ready to find an addiction program in your area? Admitting that addiction has become a problem in your life or in the life of a loved one can be a difficult step to take, but it is necessary in order for you to ultimately seek the help that you need and get sober. We are here to help you.

Options are always available for individuals in Illinois who are looking for help for addiction. In addition to giving you information on payment programs for recovery centers and other services to help prevent and treat major and minor addictions, we can also help you locate a specific addiction treatment center that will fit your particular needs.