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In the state of California, heroin, amphetamine, and opioid addictions have been steadily rising with more and more overdoses becoming the norm. The California Department of Health Care Services has employed The Mental Health Substance Use Disorder Services to oversee the various substance abuses services that the state offers. This service strives to reduce the drug and alcohol abuse of those who are living in California. One such measure that has been put into place has been the various drug and alcohol recovery programs that are found throughout the state.

Why Choose a Rehab Center?

It’s virtually impossible coming off of drugs or alcohol on your own, especially if the abuse has been heavy and going on for a long time. Many patients have reported that they have tried repeatedly to come off of various drugs by themselves, but the withdrawal symptoms that occurred were too much to handle, causing them to relapse. It can be dangerous to go through the process on your own, as some withdrawal symptoms can even lead to major medical issues or death if not properly supervised. A rehab center will have qualified, caring employees who will do everything that they can to help the residents of the facility get through their withdrawals safely and quickly.

A reputable rehab center will also offer the necessary support that one needs when they are dealing with their addiction. This will be through individual, family and group therapy sessions, as well as aftercare support when the patient leaves the program. A dedicated facility will always care and support every patient who walks through their door, whether it is for the first time or the tenth. They are there to help, not to judge.

What to Expect From a Drug Rehab

While California drug rehab centers will offer different programs, many follow a similar procedure. This is as follows:

  • Intake
  • Detoxification
  • Therapy
  • Aftercare

The Intake Process

Every patient will undergo an initial process when they are admitted or admit themselves into a drug rehab center. This is an important part of the stay, as it helps to determine the level of care that a patient needs while they are a patient at the center. Questions will be asked of the patient, such as what drugs they have been using, the level of their addiction, if there is any family history of addiction, if they are in active withdrawals and so forth. Additionally, any insurance information will be filled out and the patient will sign various “consent to treat” forms.

The Detoxification Process

Depending on the level of withdrawals, every patient will undergo a medically supervised detox program. What needs to be done will be determined during intake, but every patient will be closely supervised and helped in every way possible. The detox may or may not include the use of medication. This will be up to the medical professionals involved.

The Therapy Process

Every facility will offer different types of counseling and therapy for their patients. Many people benefit from one-on-one counseling sessions, while others do better in a group setting. Every therapy session will be run by a caring, compassionate expert who will help each patient understand how and why they are using drugs and/or alcohol. Many facilities also offer family therapy for those who wish to mend relationships with their loved ones.

The Aftercare Process

A quality California rehab center will typically offer services to their patients even after they have left the program. These may include additional therapy sessions or help getting the client into outpatient programs or other support groups. The patient themselves must take responsibility for themselves and continue to receive treatment, as addiction doesn’t end when you walk out of rehab. It is a progression that must always be improved upon and maintained.

Choosing a Quality Life

A rehab center in California can be the difference between living a clean, prosperous life or living on the street as an addict. For more information on the rehabilitation process, please visit American Addiction Centers. If you or someone that you love is ready to admit that they are in need of help, please do not hesitate to call a rehab center in California and get them started on a sober path.