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Heroin and prescription drugs (particularly narcotics) are the two most-commonly abused drugs in Kentucky. Since 2010, the rate of overdose of both these drugs has increased by more than 60%. As the third-ranking state in the U.S. for heroin overdoses, this drug is considered an epidemic throughout Kentucky.

What is Heroin?

Heroin is a synthetic form of morphine that comes in a powder form. The drug may be injected, smoked, or snorted, with just one use enough to cause addiction. Black tar heroin is one of the most desired forms of the drug for the addict, but also the deadliest. Most heroin is white or brown in appearance, but black tar heroin is black as well as sticky.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Kentucky

Abuse of prescription drugs is common with addicts in Kentucky. Oftentimes people begin abusing prescription medications before progressing on to harder drugs like heroin or methamphetamine. Although it is oftentimes prescription narcotics such as Lortab, Morphine, Demerol, etc. that is abused, many other types of prescription drugs can also be abused. This includes barbiturates like Xanax; sleep medicines like Ambien; muscle relaxers; and others.

Signs of Drug Addiction

If you’re concerned about a loved one and their use of heroin, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances, knowing the warning signs and taking action quickly may save this person’s life. It takes only one time to overdose on an illicit drug; pay attention to the signs that there might be a problem.

  • Using more of the drug to attain the same results
  • Urges for the drug that become quite intense
  • Signs of withdrawal (sweating, nausea, vomiting, etc.)
  • Drugs are interfering with work
  • Drugs are interfering with personal relationships (May hang around a new group of people, seems withdrawn or uninterested in family affairs, etc.)
  • You’re spending money on drugs instead of responsibilities

Admitting a problem with drugs isn’t easy for anyone, but it is the first step in a successful recovery. If you notice any of the above signs, do not turn your head the other way. Tell your loved one that you can see what is going on. Express your concerns. And, make sure to refer your loved one to a great drug rehab in Kentucky. Drugs harm an individual’s overall quality of life; their health; and may cause death. Don’t wait until it is too late to do something.

Help Available for Kentucky Residents Battling Drug Addiction

Drug rehabs in Kentucky allow you or someone you love the chance to recover, make drug use a thing of the past, and get your life back on the straight and narrow. Drug rehab centers in Kentucky offer an assortment of programs for patients, with both in-patient and out-patient treatment available. Individual and group therapy are offered to patients after detox, but these services only begin to entail the services offered to Kentucky residents who are ready to change their life and live drug-free.