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Addiction in Louisiana

Several factors have contributed to the drug problems and addiction issues in Louisiana. There are several homegrown operations in the state, and drug trafficking from countries in Central America and South America have also caused a serious influx of illicit substances in the state as well.

Drugs of all types have found their way into Louisiana. These drugs include marijuana, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Cocaine is used often in the state and has caused many serious addictions and fatal overdoses.

Cocaine often ends up within state lines by way of interstate highways that arrive from Houston and Miami. Both of these cities receive crack cocaine and powdered cocaine supplies from countries like Colombia and Mexico. Caribbean traffickers also bring these substances into the United States in various ways. Aside from cocaine and a pervasive problem with marijuana use in Louisiana, two other drugs that have caused the most drug-related deaths in the state are methamphetamine and heroin.

Methamphetamine Abuse in Louisiana

Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that can be produced in the home using household materials and ingredients. Meth laboratories are often concocted within the homes of those who use methamphetamine or simply sell the drug. Not only are these labs completely illegal and producing illegal and dangerous drugs, but they can also be dangerous in and of themselves because the ingredients that combine to create methamphetamine can be explosive.

Heroin Abuse in Louisiana

A heroin epidemic has reached Louisiana as it has reached many other states in the United States of America. In recent years, heroin has become a popular drug of choice among many Americans because it has replaced the more expensive and more difficult to obtain prescription medications that many individuals have become addicted to. Despite state officials and law enforcement professionals doing everything they can to eradicate this drug, heroin has caused thousands of overdoses and deaths in Louisiana.

Seeking Professional Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with an addiction to methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine or any other drug in Louisiana, professional help is your best option for treatment and lasting sobriety. Seeking professional addiction treatment means accepting that you have an addiction problem and reaching out.

We can help you locate a top quality addiction treatment facility in or around the state of Louisiana. There are many options for care within Louisiana state lines, but you also might consider going out of state for treatment. Many addiction specialists and therapists actually believe that leaving your home town and even your home state for treatment is the best option at finding lasting recovery because it takes you away from triggers and negative influences that may have contributed to your addiction in the first place. Either way, we are here to help.

Affording Care

In addition to helping you locate a treatment center for your recovery care, we can also help you weigh your payment options for treatment. It’s understandable that professional addiction treatment can be expensive, and it may be difficult for some individuals and their families to pay for care.

In this way, health insurance plans often come to the rescue. Many health insurance plans have stipulations in which they will take care of recovery costs for serious drug and alcohol addictions. If you do not have health insurance or if your plan does not cover addiction treatment, there are other options that we can discuss with you as well.

Locating Addiction Treatment in Louisiana

Getting help for an addiction can be difficult, but we can help make the experience less traumatic and stressful. From luxury centers to long-term residential programs and dual diagnosis rehab centers, Louisiana is home to a number of treatment program types.

If you are interested in exploiting addiction treatment options for yourself or a loved one, give us a call at your earliest convenience. There are a number of rehabs and programs available in Louisiana that can help you get sober and stay sober. Seeking professional help for a substance abuse problem is a worthwhile endeavor, and the sooner you act, the sooner you can get back on your feet. We look forward to helping you on your journey toward recovery and a better life.