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Addiction in Maryland

One of the highest arrest rates for drug abuse in the United States is in Maryland. Almost 50,000 individuals were arrested on drug charges in 2012. In 2011, the number was similar. Law enforcement officials and state officials are hoping to crack down on drug trafficking and drug abuse in Maryland, but it has proven to be a difficult task.

Major Drugs of Abuse in Maryland

Several drugs are causing the most problems in the state of Maryland. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and opioid prescription drugs are the worst offenders in the state. Each of these drugs poses a particular threat to communities in the state. One of the worst offenders is heroin.

Heroin became a serious problem in Maryland and other eastern states in the United States as a result of a prescription opioid addiction epidemic that swept the nation in 1980s and 90s. during this time, healthcare professionals were encouraged to prescribe opioid painkillers to their patients. This was true even when patients complained only of minor discomfort and pain. Over time, the pervasive use of opioid prescription drugs caused an epidemic of addiction as it is widely known that opiate-based drugs can cause serious addictions and can lead to overdoses, health complications and even death.

Once prescription drugs were clamped down on in Maryland, many people sought an alternative to the high they were getting with opioids, and the chosen alternative throughout the state and in other states across the country was heroin. Today, heroin is a serious problem for hundreds of thousands of individuals in the country.

Heroin and other illicit substances enter Maryland through Baltimore’s historic seaport. This provides an international gateway for the trafficking of various types of drugs. State officials are working hard to curb this problem, but many individuals remain caught in addiction and are unsure of what to do.

Types of Treatment in Maryland

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with heroin addiction or in addiction to any other type of drug, there are many options for treatment in Maryland and in nearby states. Because of the small size of Maryland, many people opt to go out of state for treatment, and for some individuals, this is a wise choice.

Leaving your home area for care can help you get away from triggers that may have caused you to abuse drugs in the first place or that may have caused relapses for you in the past. We can help you find a drug treatment center in Maryland or in another part of the country that can help you recover from your addiction for life. No matter what drugs you have been struggling, a quality, professional treatment center can help you recover.

Dealing With the Cost of Care

If you know that it will be difficult for you to pay for the cost of addiction treatment, we can help you in this area as well. Many addiction treatment centers offer payment programs to their patients, or if you have health insurance, you may be able to have your treatment covered by your plan. All of these options can be discussed with us over the phone. It is important that you do not avoid seeking treatment for an addiction just because you think that the cost will be too high.

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility

Unfortunately, drug addiction is a common problem in the state of Maryland. If addiction has touched your life directly, remember that professional treatment is the only true way to eradicate a substance abuse problem and achieve lasting sobriety. Whether you are looking for help for yourself or someone close to you, we can aid you in finding a drug addiction treatment center that fits all of your individual requirements.

Our treatment specialists are standing by to discuss your treatment options with you. We can also help you deal with the cost of care and give you useful resources for seeking further help where you live. Whether you choose an outpatient treatment program or an intensive residential facility for your care, know that you are headed in the right direction by reaching out. Give us a call today to learn more. We look forward to offering you our guidance and expertise.