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New Mexico has quickly become one of the worst states for drug use. With so many drugs being smuggled in across the border from Mexico, the average number of drug-related deaths has been exponentially rising each and every year. While the manufacturing, selling and possession of illegal drugs in New Mexico are serious offenses that include jail time and/or hefty fines, the use of drugs has not lessened.

Categories of Illegal New Mexico Drugs

There are five different categories that drugs are classified in within the state of New Mexico. These are known as schedules drugs, and are based off of the perceived risk of addiction. Scheduled I and II drugs are considered to be the highest risk for addiction, while scheduled III, IV and V drugs are not considered as addictive. However, no matter what the schedule, all drugs have the risk of becoming addictive, depending on the person and the use.

New Mexico has many different treatment options for anyone who decides that they want to seriously seek treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction. For patients who wish to be part of an inpatient rehab treatment, they can choose between a 3-day, 60-day or a 90-day program, depending on their situation. There are also outpatient rehab services, medical detox facilities and various recovery support groups available to choose from.

Understanding the Various Treatment Plans Offered

It is important to remember that everyone deserves the very best treatment for their drug addiction. Whether you have been addicted for many years or for just a couple of months, there is a treatment plan that is right for you. It can be confusing to find a center that will offer you exactly what you need, but you can narrow down the choices by asking some of the following questions:

  • Will a medically-supervised detox be part of the treatment plan?
  • What financing options are available and what insurance is accepted?
  • Will each treatment plan be tailored to the individual?
  • How many therapy options are available?
  • Will family be permitted to visit?
  • Are there aftercare support services available after the original treatment is concluded?

Staying Close to Home or Traveling Out-of-State

The type of facility that you choose may also be determined by its geographical location. Many patients wish to stay close to home because it feels more comfortable to them, or they don’t have the means to travel. They may want to stay close to family and friends, so a nearby rehab facility is an important factor in their decision.

However, many other patients realize that they need to distance themselves from certain triggers or friends that are part of their drug problem. Leaving the state or traveling a few hours from home to get the right treatment can make a huge difference in recovery. Not being able to easily leave the facility when the urge to relapse strikes can make the process of rehabilitation that much easier.

The Process of Rehab

Knowing what to expect when you check into a rehab facility in New Mexico can ease the fear many people feel in the beginning. It can be a scary, uncomfortable change, but the benefits of getting help for an addiction should far outweigh the worry. Every rehab facility will have various options and treatments, but are generally set up as follows:


The intake process will determine the course of action for each individual. New patients will provide their personal information, past and current drug use, and any insurance information they have. Consent to treat forms will also be given to the patient to sign.


Medically supervised detox will be provided to patients who are in active withdrawals. This treatment may or may not include the use of medication.


Individual, group and family therapy sessions will be provided for all patients in every center.


Aftercare services are what occurs after the individual leaves the facility, and can include continued therapy sessions and outside support groups.

Additional Information

If you or someone that you love is in desperate need of drug rehab, there is a New Mexico facility that can help. Don’t hesitate to call. For more information on drug use and the laws of New Mexico concerning illegal drugs, please visit the Addiction Center.