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Drug rehab centers are available throughout Virginia, offering caring and compassionate staff who’ll help you get back to the life you once knew and loved before drugs come in to destroy it all. It doesn’t matter your drug of choice, the length of your addiction, or other factors, experienced drug rehab staff members are there to assist you on the road to recovery, offering both in-patient and out-patient services to accommodate the needs of all. Drug rehab centers offer detox for patients addicted to ‘hard’ drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, along with individual and group therapy, and many other programs to assist you in living life differently.

Shocking Facts about Drug Abuse in Virginia

Drug smuggling is common in Virginia due to the state’s location. Cocaine and marijuana are the most commonly smuggled drug in the state. Each year, more than 125,000 people aged 12 and older engage in the use of an illegal substance of some sort in Virginia, and that’s just one shocking fact.

  • Prescription drug abuse has significantly increased in Virginia over the past five years.
  • Prescription drug abuse (in Virginia) outnumbers both those addicted to heroin and methamphetamines
  • The use of illicit drug use among those 12- 17 is higher in Virginia than compared to the national average.
  • Heroin is another drug commonly abused by those in Virginia, followed by methamphetamine and cocaine/crack cocaine.
  • Southwest Virginia has the state’s highest population of prescription drug use/abuse and activity.

Drugs devastate the life of the addict, along with those closest to them as well. Whether it is friends, children, parents, or others, it is oftentimes hard to deal with an addict no matter how much you love the person, especially one who is so succumb by the drug they fail to see the ill of their demeanor and actions. The addiction causes health problems, along with issues maintaining both a job and a habit. The use of illegal drugs may cause problems with law enforcement and even time behind bars. Rather than allow drugs the chance to overtake your life, why not decide that enough is enough and get the help that you need to get back on the right track in life?

Hope & Help Awaits those Battling Drug Addiction

There is hope for anyone addicted to drugs in the state, however, thanks to the availability of drug rehab centers in Virginia. Additionally, the state has introduced many bills to combat the problem with drugs and it is estimated that drug abuse will drop over the next several years. Individuals found in violation of laws governing illegal substances face time behind bars and fines, in addition to many other penalties.